Strong Rating For WWE Raw Heading Into 1000th Episode

Boston (ChatterShmatter) – WWE Raw enjoyed a very strong rating this past Monday night as the company gears up for their 1,000th episode.

WWE Raw is set to have what may end up being its biggest show in history next Monday, when WWE will hold its 1,000th episode of the historic series.

Every big name in WWE history will be in attendance, well just about anyways.

WWE has confirmed that D-Generation X will open up the show, and has also confirmed appearances from Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Bret Hart, and many more.

This past Monday, WWE Raw had a strong show which hyped up next week’s big episode, which will be headlined by a WWE Championship match between John Cena and CM Punk.

Last night’s WWE Raw managed to draw a 3.44 rating, averaging 4.88 million viewers in total.

This was up from the 3.17 rating that the show managed to pull a week ago, and is an impressive number to say the least.

WWE is clearly looking to pull at least a 4.0 next Monday with the big Raw episode.

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