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News Editor

Peter Verona –

Mini Bio – Peter is a graduate of Boston University and has an extensive background in writing for various news organizations around the world over the past decade.  He resides in the Boston, MA area and has a wide array of interests , making him a great fit to be the leader of our news team.


Entertainment News & Reviews: Michael Ward –

Mini Bio – Michael Ward is based in San Francisco, CA and is our resident entertainment expert.  His role involves keeping up to date with everything in the entertainment industry, including the latest films, television shows, gossip, and everything in-between.  He has been chasing down entertainment stories for years and comes to with a vast amount of experience.

Health: Hope Alley-

Mini Bio – Hope Alley resides in Boston, MA and is a graduate of Rutgers University.  She is a practicing physical therapist who brings her expertise and background in writing as well to share her experiences with her readers.

Health: Tony Morano –

Mini Bio – Tony Morano is all-about health, wellness, and treating our bodies as if they were a shrine.  A graduate of the University of Connecticut, he lives in the London, England area and focuses on keeping up with everything health-related for our readers, including new drugs, health studies, recalls, and so forth.

Sports: Michael Thomas –

Mini Bio – Michael Thomas is the sports guy, bottom line.  He watches sports and reports on it for a living, and has been doing so for 8-years now.  He is from one of the biggest sports cities in the world, Boston, MA, but has the ability to be unbiased in his reporting on everything sports related.

Travel, U.S. & World: Jonathan Howard-

Mini Bio – Jonathan Howard enjoys travel, politics, and reporting on the happenings in the U.S. and abroad.  A graduate of the University of Miami, Jonathan uses his life experiences from traveling the world to help educate readers on news spanning the globe, as well as educating them on the happenings in the travel industry.

Science: James Buckwinkler –

Mini BioScience may not interest everybody, but for James, it is all that matters.  A graduate of the University of Vermont, James follows everything science related and has a great amount of experience in following stories & reporting on them throughout the world.

Technology: Jack Connolly –

Mini Bio-Technology is the focus of Jack Connolly.  Have a gadget question, a question concerning video games, the latest operating system, software, hardware, etc, Jack is your man.  A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Jack has the responsibility of using his expertise to report on everything tech-related, as well as to review the latest gadgets, video games, etc. along with our supporting review staff.

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