The Darkness II Xbox 360 Review

The Darkness II

Xbox 360 Review
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The Darkness II was not high up on my must-play list for 2012, as the game did not have the hype that it deserved upon launch. Thankfully though, I was very wrong about this one, as The Darkness II has turned out to be a top-notch, quality first-person shooter with plenty of action, and tremendous presentation value.

The Darkness II is tough to describe, but I can assure you that it is certainly going to draw you in, and will not let go until you have played it through fully.

This is one dark first-person shooter, as you once again go back to learn the fate of one Jackie Esticado, picking up where the original left off.

You start two-years after the conclusion of the original game, and you get a summary to kick things off in the event that you did not play the original.

The Darkness resurfaces after Jackie’s life is threatened yet again, and you star the game off with a bang, throwing you right into the middle of the action. The story and entire presentation of The Darkness II is tremendous.

The cel-shaded visuals make for a very artistic feel, different than just about any other first-person shooter out there. The style allows for a very unique feel to the game, and also allowed the developer to be able to be more creative than trying to be completely realistic at all times.

The voice-acting, cut-scenes, etc. are also top-notch as they do a great job of delivering the story and allowing you to make of it what you wish. You will be as entrenched in the story as you will be with the action, making for one of the best single-player experiences for a shooter in quite some time.

The Darkness II is a far more linear experience than the original, but I feel as though this has helped improve the story-telling and overall presentation throughout, allowing the developing to take you on a ride rather than giving more freedom, and less substance.

From a gameplay perspective, you have the ability to continue to build up what Jackie can pull off in the game via upgrading his skills and attacks as you progress.

You will be able to not only utilize the power of the Darkness, but will also be able to use some killer weaponry throughout. The powers and attacks at your disposal here are beyond-satisfying, and will have action junkies salivating. You truly feel like a vicious badass while playing The Darkness II, and that is the point of the game.

The quad-wielding as the game touts, is tremendous, as you can fire off two-weapons at once all while still using your Demon Arms. Yes, this is as cool as it sounds.

The gameplay is very fluid throughout, and maintains solid variety with the play-off of the light in the game and how it messes with your powers, abilities, etc.

From a depth standpoint, the single-player campaign has a lot here to really keep you interested throughout. The main story will take roughly 6 – 8 hours to complete. There is also the addition of a pretty solid 2-4 player online co-op mode which allows you to play the game with up to 3 other friends over Xbox Live, a great addition.

The Darkness II is a fantastic sequel that is the first must-play shooter of 2012. The story is great and will really engross gamers in its plot, twists, and turns. Based on this release, here is to hoping The Darkness III is not too far off. For now though, go pick up The Darkness II, it is well-worth it!

Final Score: 9 out of 10 Chatters

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