My Pet Puppy 3D Nintendo 3DS Review

My Pet Puppy 3D

Nintendo 3DS Review
505 Games
Star Fish
Players: 1

My Pet Puppy 3D has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS to let gamers become a virtual puppy trainer, on-the-go.  Does this one have enough to keep the casual gaming crowd as happy as a puppy who just got a treat?

The latest release from 505 Games allows you to become a puppy trainer, where you have the ability to completely care for your dog.  We have seen this before with the Nintendogs series from Nintendo on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, but 505 Games has put an interesting twist on the simulation genre.

The main game starts you off in the kennel area, as you are a puppy trainer where you can care for puppies whom clients allow you to take care of.

From the main kennel area, you have the ability to tap on a puppy and start with your daily training regimen, or go about your puppy-caring business.

You earn Woofs in the game which can be utilized as in-game money.  These can be obtained by taking care of dogs that are placed in your care.  The same can be said for achieving success in some of the competitions you bring your puppy to.

Woofs can be used to purchase in-game clothing for your puppy, as well as food, and other items.

Training your puppy in My Puppy 3D is pretty enjoyable as the game allows for some good variety in terms of what you can teach the little guy or girl.

The basics are all here, meaning you can feed your dog, walk your dog, dress the dog up, play with it, or teach it tricks.

My only complaint is the disconnect that you seem to have with the way in which the game does most of the action for you.  A task such as walking the dog does not really require much work from the gamer itself once the selection is made.  Walking your dog incorporates choosing the option, sticking the 3DS in your pocket, and going for a physical walk.  The game counts your steps, and that qualifies as walking the puppy.  This seems like a cool concept, but as a game, it does not really create an engrossing experience.

Teaching tricks is also not the most intuitive and fluid experience either, requiring a lot of memorization, as well as trial-and-error.

Caring for your puppy can be an enjoyable endeavor and I can certainly see casual gamers having fun with My Pet Puppy 3D for what it is.  This one, though not perfect, is definitely a game that kids will really have some fun with at the value price of $19.99, which is its price-point at most retailers at the moment.

Final Score: 7.4 out of 10 Chatters

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