Who Will Win Survivor South Pacific This Sunday

Boston (ChatterShmatter) – Survivor South Pacific is gearing up for its big finale this Sunday on CBS, but who do you think will take home the prize and actually win Survivor and the $1 million that goes along with it?

Survivor South Pacific has proven to be one of the most entertaining seasons of Survivor in the history of the long-running reality TV series.

The season started with Ozzy and Coach each acting as the captain of a team, and now as we near the end,  these two are still in the game and very much so have a chance to win it all.

The final contestants in camp include Coach, Sophie, Albert, as well as Rick.  Brandon, after being voted off this past Thursday, will go head-to-head with Ozzy at Redemption Island for a chance to get back into the game.

Here is how we see things playing out this Sunday on CBS, we will see how close we are.

We expect Brandon to pull off the upset and actually beat Ozzy this Sunday at Redemption Island, re-entering the game.

Once he gets back in the game, my expectation is that Coach and Rick will team up with Sophie to attempt to eliminate not only Albert, but Brandon as well.

Coach may be looking to take Rick and Sophie with him to the final 3 due to the fact that he believes he has the best chance against those two.

Do not expect Albert to go down quietly though. He has been plotting a move against Coach for weeks now, and Sunday could be his time to shine.

If he can manage to convince his tribe, Albert may end up with Rick and Sophie at the final 3, and our expectation is that Albert will win Survivor South Pacific.

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