Survivor Confirmed For 3 More Seasons With Jeff Probst

Boston (ChatterShmatter) – CBS has confirmed that we have at least 3 more seasons of the hit reality TV show Survivor.

CBS announced that they have ordered two more seasons of Survivor, season 25 and 26.

This will add on to the already scheduled 24th season of the show, which now has a confirmed air date.

Survivor season 24 is set to make its premiere on CBS on February 15, 2011.

The current season of Survivor has been a huge hit with its fans as ratings have consistently increased from week to week as the season has gone on.

Jeff Probst put out a statement saying, “We are so thankful for the supportive fans who remain with us every season, and we promise to deliver another year of quality television.”

There is no word if this will include a Survivor allstars season or something along those lines.

The recent format has had a few allstars join the new Survivors as team captains in a sense, this may continue.

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