Why The Ozzy Move On Survivor Was Dumb, Egotistical

Hollywood (ChatterShmatter) – Survivor South Pacific featured one of the most shocking, sad, and dumb moves in the history of the show, as Ozzy asked to be voted out on purpose, and also gave up the immunity idol.

In one episode, we witnessed the most powerful player in the game of Survivor this season from a physical standpoint give himself up.

We are theoretically one week away from the merge, and Ozzy was in a position where he was going to be going into the merge with the hidden immunity idol around his neck.

Not only that, but because he is Ozzy, he would be able to control his own destiny in challenges.  Once the merge happens, he would have likely been able to go on a run of challenges, saving himself each week.

Instead, what Ozzy did this week was absolutely insane.  He has decided to give up his immunity idol, and also asked his tribe to vote him out and send him to Redemption Island.

His thought process was that next week he would win the duel on Redemption Island, and come back to the merged tribe, where his alliance would have the numbers.

What Ozzy fails to realize is that he has given up all power in the game, giving up the immunity idol, and putting himself in a vulnerable position going forward.

Cochran, whom he gave the immunity idol to, is unlikely to just give it back to Ozzy, when he already knows his alliance will get rid of him at their first opportunity.

Ozzy could easily lose the duel, sending him out of the game for good.  Even if he comes back though, he will be in a far weaker position than he was before getting himself voted out on purpose.  This rivals the moment when James historically got voted out while having 2 immunity idols in his position.  It is one thing to be cocky, but it is a whole different story to have an ego so big that it literally may end up costing you $1 million.

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