The Simpsons Will Not End Due To The Pay Dispute

Washington (ChatterShmatter) – The Simpsons are the longest-running cartoon in television history, but have been threatened to be taken off of the air due to a pay dispute with its voice actors.  When you think about it though, you will realize, The Simpsons aren’t going anywhere.

The voice actors on The Simpsons are in a heated battle with the studio, Twentieth Century Fox over their pay.

The show has the record for a longest-running sitcom, going for 23-seasons in total.

The show, which has had over 500 episodes, is trying to cut the pay of the six key voice actors by around 45%.

They currently are paid roughly $8 million a year, and this would be almost cut in half under the proposed agreement.

The voice actors are refusing to sign the new deal though, and in turn, the studio has threatened to cancel the show.

One must realize though, that like the NFL lockout and the NBA lockout, this is eventually going to come to an end and an agreement.

The actors have already offered to accept a 30% paycut, so in our opinion, the idea that The Simpsons will be cancelled is an extreme long-shot, sleep easy Bart fans.

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