Entire NBA Preseason Canned, Regular Season On Deck

Boston (ChatterShmatter) – NBA Commissioner David Stern has announced that the entire NBA preseason has now been cancelled, and up next is the regular season.

The NBA owners and players met for more negotiations on Tuesday, but at the end of the day, nothing new came about other than the fact that more game were canned.

The full preseason is now in the tank, and the belief is that regular season games are next to get the axe.

NBA owners and players are remaining very steadfast in terms of where they want to end up for the new labor agreement.

This means that neither side is going to budge, neither is going to give enough to get a deal done to open the season in October & November.

The two sides met most recently at a hotel in New York City but by the time it was over, it is believed that they were farther apart than they were prior to starting it.

We will keep you posted as the NBA lockout continues, but as of right now, it may be some time before we see the NBA back in action.

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