4 Things Apple Should, But Won’t Add To iPhone 5

London (ChatterShmatter) – The big day is upon us as Apple is set to announce the next iteration of their blockbuster smartphone, the Apple iPhone.

The belief is that Apple is going to either announce the iPhone 4S, or the iPhone 5 during their big iPhone press conference on Tuesday October 4th.

There are a vast array of expectations as to what is going to be included in the new iPhone, whatever it is or is called by Apple.  These include things such as improved GPS, voice recognition software called Assistant, a better camera, iCloud, among other very cool features.

What we have decided to do is come up with a list of 5 very cool things that Apple should, but probably won’t add to the next iPhone when it is announced tomorrow.

4. MicroSD Card Memory Slot

This has been a complaint / request of iPhone users for years now.  The Android phones have memory that consists of these tiny memory cards, which now are beginning to sell for very cheap money.  Apple iPhone owners though are stuck with whatever size hard drive they purchase with the phone.  They have no option of buying a memory card to increase the storage capacity.  Sure, iCloud will fix this to an extent, but you are going to have to pay yearly to enjoy the cloud storage benefits.

3. Retractable Charging Cable

Charging cables have become a pain when it comes to cell phones.  You almost always forget where you placed it, and you end up with more cables than you need, with many of them just lying around.  Apple should add a retractable charging cable to the iPhone where the charging cable can actually fit inside the phone, and be pulled out when necessary.  If they could figure out a way to charge wirelessly, that would be even better, but we will start here.

2. Mini Smartcover

The Apple iPhone could surely benefit from something that the iPad 2 received when it released, the Apple Smartcover.

The Smartcover is a great accessory for the iPad 2 where it protects the screen, and also serves as a stand for viewing, also assisting with holding the device.

There is no reason Apple could not make a shrunken version of this for the Apple iPhone, especially if they go back to the curved model.

1. Rear Sensors

Think about the state of gaming on the iPhone.  When you are trying to play an adventure game, or any other game that places the D-Pad in the bottom corner of the touchscreen, it takes up a lot of the viewing space.

What if Apple put rear sensors on the back of the iPhone, sort of like touchscreens, without the screens?

These rear sensors would act as virtual analog sticks in a sense for gaming as well as a variety of other apps.  This one may be far-fetched, but it could work.

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