Gene Simmons Marries Girlfriend After 28 Years Of Dating

Hollywood (ChatterShmatter) – Gene Simmons has finally decided to marry his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for over 20-years.

Gene Simmons has married Shannon Tweed, they married in Beverly Hills, California.

This is big news for the rocker as he has been reluctant to finally settle down and marry, despite the fact that he has been with Shannon for a large portion of his life.

Simmons has been a focal point on reality TV for quite some time now, and much of their recent years in terms of their relationship have been showcased for the world to see.

We saw them get into quite a stir on The Joy Behar Show, and also saw him make his big proposal not too long ago.

The belief is that Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed are going to make it, especially since they are still together after being in the spotlight for so long, often a major downfall for many celebrity couples.

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