What Jeff Probst, CBS Could Change For Survivor Season 24

Hollywood (ChatterShmatter) – Survivor has enjoyed an incredible run on CBS, right now in the middle of its 23rd season, Survivor: South Pacific. What changes could be made though to really push the game to new heights?

We have been Survivor fans for years upon years, watching the likes of Boston Rob, Parvati, Russell Hantz, and others play the most intricate and entertaining social game on the planet right from our homes.

What could CBS do with Survivor though that would really push it forward to a whole new level? Here are a few thoughts that we were able to come up with.

3. Start the game by giving everyone an immunity idol.

This was one idea we put a lot of thought into. When you think about it, if you started off Survivor by giving everyone an immunity idol, they would all have something to play off of for the season. You could trade your idol for security, utilize the idols as part of a group for power, etc. Sure, it would definitely make for a lot of votes that did not count, but at the same time it would make for far more surprise vote-offs.

2. Utilize an arctic environment rather than a tropical environment.

It would definitely be far more dangerous to the health of the players, and would require them to be supplied with things such as clothing, better shelter, etc. But having them participate somewhere where it is not always 80 degrees and either sunny or raining would be quite interesting to say the least.

1. A 24/7 Survivor channel.

Imagine having a channel with cameras set-up in camps where you could watch 24/7 everything that is happening in the game of Survivor.

Surely, CBS would have to take what they had for footage and shrink it down to the 1-hour episodes that we now enjoy.

But being able to watch the full journey from start to finish would surely be intriguing, a la The Truman Show. It is a stretch, but it could certainly be fun to watch, especially when they are not just all asleep.

So those are our 3 Survivor thoughts of the weekend, what are yours? Sound off with some cool twists you want to see in the CBS series Survivor.

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