Walt Disney World Celebrates 40-Years Of Magic

Houston (ChatterShmatter) – Walt Disney World opened its doors back on October 1, 1971, and today it celebrates its birthday.

Walt Disney World is 40-years old believe it or not, and opened its doors to the number of guests that would be laughed at by today’s standards.

It was time to celebrate at Walt Disney World today though, as a major 40th anniversary celebration took place right in the heart of Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

This was all topped off with a very special fireworks celebration of “Wishes.”

Those who were lucky enough to be in the park enjoyed a lot of limited edition merchandise, food, etc.

To help celebrate the birthday, Walt Disney World has announced that they have extended special discounts to families who may be looking into a Disney vacation.

40-years ago, the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World opened its doors.

Four decades later, it is still as magic and special to families as it ever has been.

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