BlackBerry Playbook Looking More Like HP TouchPad

Boston (ChatterShmatter) – The Research in Motion BlackBerry Playbook is beginning to look more and more like the HP TouchPad every day.

RIM has announced and confirmed that they have cut the price of the BlackBerry Playbook at Best Buy by $200.

This means that consumers can get the lowest model BlackBerry PlayBook for only $299 at Best Buy if they do not want the greatest version possible.

This comes as many believe that Research in Motion is getting close to completely pulling the plug on the device.

The PlayBook has had a very rough start as it was released with high-expectations as an Apple iPad killer.

It was far from that though once it was released, as the only way to even get e-mail on the device was to utilize an actual BlackBerry phone with it.

Research in Motion appears ready to leave the tablet business just as quickly as they entered it.

With competition from Amazon with the Kindle Fire, as well as numerous other tablets all trying to take down the mighty Apple iPad, it does not make business sense right now for them to try and continue in this way.

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