Cruise Ship Leaves Passengers In Puerto Rico Due To Hurricane Irene

Washington (ChatterShmatter) – Cruise ships are running as fast as they can from Hurricane Irene, to the point where they are leaving passengers in ports.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Victory ship, as well as Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas ship fled San Juan, Puerto Rico hours before they were supposed due to the impending Hurricane Irene.

The two cruise ships did not alert passengers about the early departure, as they were rushed to the point where they left passengers behind.

The Carnival cruise ship left around 300 passengers behind, while Royal Caribbean stranded around 150.

Carnival passengers were put up in hotel rooms, but only those who had a passport could actually get out of Puerto Rico.

The majority of Royal Caribbean passengers were left with nothing, no hotel room, and nowhere to go but to find someplace to sleep on their own.

Unfortunately, this is not a good showpiece as to how cruise lines should handle extreme weather, especially for Royal Caribbean.

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