Born This Way Tops iTunes Charts

Born this way is the new album from lady Gaga to be released in May, but the self-titled single was released on Friday, two days early. Gaga says she is very proud of the album, saying that she wants it to be the best of the decade and if the born this way single is any indication, then she maybe on her way to making this happen.

The single has already landed at the number one position when it comes to iTunes song downloads, but many feel that it sounds a lot like Madonna. “Before I got a chance to listen to the new Lady Gaga single ‘Born This Way,’ my Twitter was flooded with comparisons to Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Vogue.’ When I took a listen, initially, I thought that was a stretch, but the hook is definitely a tinge of vintage Madonna,” DJ Uch of Long Island’s Party 101.5 told MTV News.

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