Many Denver Public Schools Closed Tomorrow

Due to the threat of a ton of snow combined with extremely cold temperatures, many Denver public schools will be closed tomorrow. The massive snow storm which is pelting the Midwestern states has caused many problems so far, but children will be happy for an extra day off.

In Denver it is not so much the snow that is the problem but the supreme cold that will be coming along with it. Bus engines will not operate when it is too cold, so even if schools are open many children simply can not make it. “It’s incredibly unusual to do this because we’re not forecasted to get that much snow and when we decide to close schools, we do it based on three things. That’s how much snow we’re supposed to get, how long it’s supposed to last and then cold temperatures. So obviously the last one is on what we base the decision,” Jeffco Schools spokeswoman Lynn Setzer said.

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