Dallas Green’s Granddaughter Among The Dead

Among the dead from yesterday’s shooting in an Arizona grocery store is the granddaughter of Dallas Green. The little girl, Christina-Taylor Green was only nine years of age and was the daughter of Los Angeles Dodgers scout John Green.

Green was actually quite a famous young lady as she was featured in a book entitled “Faces of Hope,” a book written about many of the children born on Sept. 11, 2001, the very day that the Twin Towers were flattened. Phillies president David Montgomery released a statement reading: “The Phillies organization expresses our heartfelt condolences to Dallas and Sylvia and the entire Green family on the senseless, tragic loss of Christina’s life. She was a talented young girl with a bright promising future. Her untimely death weighs heavily on our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by yesterday’s horrific shooting.”

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