Brett Favre Sued By Massage Therapists

It is being reported that two former New York Jets massage therapists are suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment. They state that while they worked for the Jets, Brett would often make passes at them, and when they complained to the team brass about the quarterback, they were fired.

Shannon O’Toole and Christina Scavo filed suit earlier this week but Brett’s lawyer says that there is no merit to their suit. “Naturally, if something like this happened and was disturbing, you would make a complaint within days — you would ask for some type of redress from the employer,” he says. “We all know what’s happening here: the (Jenn) Sterger controversy has them jumping on the bus. The (therapists) want to take advantage of the same situation because they see some weakness in the Jets’ position. Clearly, they’ve positioned themselves to get some type of settlement — they are hoping (the Jets) settle rather than go through some messy lawsuit.”

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