Weight Loss Shakes Do Not Work

(ChatterShmatter) – New research suggests that for overweight teens looking to lose weight, turning to shakes and bars as a form of diet is not the way to go.

The supplement industry is one of the biggest in America due to the huge percentage of people who are overweight and trying to lose a few, and weight loss shakes, powders, pills and bars are very popular and fly off store shelves.

This new study tested the effectiveness of some of the top weight loss shakes on the market, comparing them with following a simple low-calory diet.

The study, performed by Dr. Robert L. Berkowitz of the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia proved that all the hype over weight loss potions is just that, hype.

Teens were put on either a low-calory diet, or a meal replacement shake diet and after a year, there was no significant increased weight loss in the group of overweight teens given the meal replacements.

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it would be to not believe in everything that you read in nutrition stores. Do your own research.

Weight Loss Shakes Do Not Work

Weight Loss Shakes Do Not Work

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