Police Searching For Missing Vegas Showgirl

(ChatterShmatter) – Police in Los Vegas continue to search for a showgirl who has mysteriously disappeared.

Debbie Flores-Narvaez has seemingly fallen off the map and nobody has heard from her since December 12 when she was seen going to the house of her ex boyfriend. Police were alerted next day when she did not show up for work and her car was found in the eastern part of the city, abandoned.

“I can’t make anything of this right now. It’s not her. It’s not her to go missing. It’s not her to take a small vacation like this,” her sister Celeste Flores- Narvaez told reporters. “He (her ex) told me that she said she’s been depressed for the past couple of days because it was the holidays and she wasn’t around her family.”

Police are not saying if they suspect foul play in Debbie’s disappearance but from all accounts, she was not one to miss work. “She’s a really sweet girl, always happy,” a Rain employee told PEOPLE. “I don’t think she ever called in sick or didn’t show.”

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