Smoking from a bong is no big deal for Miley Cyrus

After being caught on video smoking a legal drug called salvia, Miley Cyrus says that it was no big deal. The former Hannah Montana star, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday was filmed on tape on November 28th during a party she was hosting, smoking the drug from a bong and acting quite silly. Her dad is not a fan of her recent behavior, recently stating that there are some things out of his control.

A source recently stated that: “Miley doesn’t care. She’s filming her movie and getting on with her life.” The National Enquirer reported, “Miley’s spinning out of control. She carries a lot of guilt — most of Billy Ray and Tish’s arguments were over her career. She’s acting out in the worst possible way. This is a girl searching for herself.” Mayb she will find herself in her next hit.

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