Woman freaks when mailman delivers mail naked

A mailman from Wisconsin found himself in a lot of trouble after he tried to cheer up a woman who he thought was stressed out by delivering her mail in the buff.

The woman, from Milwaukee says that the man burst into her office in Whitefish Bay, with her mail in his hand but not a stitch of clothing on.

“He burst into the door with the mail, except this time he’s completely nude. No clothes whatsoever. The only thing he said was ‘surprise,’ and it freaked me out, so I screamed and yelled. I yelled at him and told him to leave, with my eyes half-closed,” the woman told FOX6News.

“What scared me even more was that he didn’t leave after he stepped outside the suite. He continued to knock on the door several times. After a while, it got progressively louder and louder.”

The woman called the cops who quickly arrived and took the man away and he has been taken off his mail route for now.

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