Nut Cracker Dancer Called Plump

The critics are not holding back when it comes to a New York City Ballet dancer named Jenifer Ringer.

One of them is Alastair Macaulay who recently referred to the ballerina as plump in a review of The Nut Cracker for the New York Times.

He wrote that the dancer “looked as if she’d eaten one sugarplum too many,” but Ringer is not really upset.

She says that her body is “part of her art form” and the comment does not bother her in the least.

Due to backlash over his column, Macaulay, wrote another one, in which he backed up his initial review.

“The body in ballet becomes a subject of the keenest observation and the most intense discussion. I am severe – but ballet, as dancers know, is more so,” he wrote.

Ironically, the dancer has had her fair share of problems with an eating disorder over the years.

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