Ann Curry’ Has Most Influencial Tweet Of 2010

Twitter have just released their list of the most influencial tweets of 2010.

Unfortunately none of my own tweets made the cut but Ann Curry’s tweets concerning aid planes not being able to land in Haiti certainly did.

“When I came back and saw [Cone’s] tweet that Doctors Without Borders couldn’t land their plane, I said, ‘Wait a minute.’ The idea that they could not land was just unacceptable, in my view, in terms of saving lives,” Curry stated.

“It was amazing to see how many good Samaritans then retweeted this information to make sure @USAirForce heard it,” Curry recalled. “What a feeling when the charity’s planes were allowed to land.”

“The bottom line is that Twitter helped save lives,” said Curry.

Other influencial tweets to make the top 10 included the first of Russia’s President when he joined the microblogging site, and one from a fallen triathlete who crashed her bike in a rural part of Connecticut.

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