Jets Coach Trips Dolphin Player During Punt Return

Things are not going well right now for the New York Jets who have lost two games in a week, getting crushed on Monday Night Football by the Patriots and losing at home yesterday to the Miami Dolphins.

During the game yesterday, the Jet’s strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi also got involved when he intentionally tripped a Dolphin player during a punt return.

Nolan Carroll was tripped by the coach when he was running down the sideline after fielding a punt and the Dolphins are not impressed with his actions.

Said Karlos Dansby of the Dolphins: “…Suspend him, man. Get him up out of there. He’s got to go, bringing down a whole organization like that. That’s sad. You don’t do a man like that.”

Alosi has apologised for his trip, but the NFL will surely have to investigate the incident.

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