GSP Dominates Josh Koscheck at UFC 124

The main event at UFC 124 did not live up to the hype as welterweight title champion Georges St-Pierre used his jab to totally dominate challenger Josh Koscheck.

Going into the fight, both fighters had talked a lot of trash but in the end it was the champion who was able to back up his talk in the cage.

St-Pierre, in true bulldog fashion attacked the challenger with vigor and when a cut appeared above Koscheck’s eye, the champ zeroed in on it with repeated jabs.

“I know Josh Koscheck, he likes to throw his punches in a circular motion,” St-Pierre said. “So my game plan was to stay on the outside. I saw his eye was closed and Ii tried with hooks to finish it, but he’s very tough.”

“I didn’t believe that (he would trade punches),” St-Pierre said. “I thought he would try to put me on the floor. He tried that too. It’s an MMA fight. If you don’t want to see that, go watch kickboxing.”

With the win, Georges moves to 21-2 and with the loss, Koscheck drops to 15-5.

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