Barbara Walters Finds David Petraeus Fascinating

The long awaited list of the top ten most fascinating people of 2010 has been released by Barbara Walters.

This is an annual list that she releases at the end of the year, and is comprised of in her opinion, the most interesting people of the year based on what they get up too.

The list is comprised of big names from an array of different fields, including military, acting and sports.

Some big names made the cut for this year’s list, including teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, and future Queen of England Kate Middleton.

The full list is: number one, commander of US forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus; number two, Sarah Palin; number three, Kate Middleton ; number four, basketball star LeBron James; number five, Jennifer Lopez; number six, Sandra Bullock; number seven, the cast of Jersey Shore; number eight, Justin Bieber; number nine, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and ten, octogenarian actress Betty White.

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