Sony Firmware Update Prevents Jailbreaking

Sony have just rolled out a new firmware update for the PS3 which they say includes a security patch. Firmware 3.55 is being described by Sony as a “minor update” but savvy gamers are blogging that the update is to counteract jailbreaking, which was made popular with the PS3 model earlier this year.

Jailbreaking is a term referred to as the modding of the gaming device to make it possible to do things that it was not originally meant to do and is a growing problem for video game manufacturers as well as mobile providers. Sony have been trying their best to counteract this jailbreaking craze, even filing a lawsuit against an online store that was selling the modded consoles.

Everytime Sony has come out with a security patch to discourage modding of their devices, tech geeks have come up with a rebuttle almost instantly so it probably will not be very long before this new firmware update is nullified.

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