QWOP For Olympic Gold!

If you ever get tired of slaving away at your desk and want a little entertainment to make the hands on the clock turn faster, why not try your hand at the 100 meter dash? QUOP is a new game sweeping the internet in popularity because of both its simplicity and its challenge and features you controlling a sprinter on a track without even needing to leave your office chair.

Using the four letters on the keyboard, you control the legs of the runner and the faster and more coordinated you can press the keys in the correct sequence, the faster your runner will tear down the track. You’re playing as an Olympic athlete named Qwop and the goal is obviously to bring home the gold.

Pressing these four specific letters on the computer keyboard involves your fourth and fifth fingers of each hand, which are not the most used fingers which means that they lack the coordination that other fingers may possess. To get a “hand up” on the competition one could very well simply use their dominant fingers to control the runner, thus limiting the likelyhood of a collapse five meters from the finish line.

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