Jenn Sterger makes another push for hush money

When it comes to Brett Favre, he has made headlines this year for all the wrong reasons. The Vikings quarterback has been plagued by an aging body, horrific play on the football field and even alligations of sexual misconduct by a former Jets sideline reporter named Jenn Sterger.

Brett allegedly sent Jenn a series of raunchy texts and images of himself back when he was QB for the Jets, and now she wants the NFL to do something about it. Jenn’s manager Phil Reese stated that if the NFL will not punish the quarterback, then Jenn will release all the evidence that she has against Brett to the public.

It would be in the best interest of Brett to pay off Jenn if that is what she wants, as by releasing all his texts to the public, his already tarnished image would be hit even harder, not to mention as would the feelings of Brett’s poor wife. “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public if the NFL doesn’t clear her name,” Reese told TMZ.

Jenn would not benefit from the NFL punishing Brett, which leads to the relization that she is only trying to force Brett’s hand to make him choose whether or not he wants to pay her hush money or risk her releasing all his dirty texts and images to the public eye.

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