Cliff Lee Sweepstakes Begin

The New York Yankees are currently in negotiations with pitcher Cliff Lee and after the year he had, money will be of no concern of his any time soon. Brian Cashman has already met with Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker and rumor has it that they will be offering a six year deal with a lot of dollar signs to try to persuade the allstar to join the Bombers.

At the winter meetings in Florida, Lee is the most talked about player on the market, simply because he is the best there is when it comes to pitching. With many teams needing a star to add to their rotations, Lee’s agent says that the Yanks and the Rangers are not the only teams out there that are bidding for his services. “At some point, we’ll start to field offers and create counter-offers. It’s all part of the process,” Braunecker said. “I think we’re about where we anticipated we would be.”

Former team mates of Lee have stated that he told them that he would return to the Rangers if they offered him a six year deal, but they are yet to offer anything to him yet.

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