Rough day for Elizabeth Smart during kidnapper trial

It was a rather upsetting day yesterday for Elizabeth Smart, as a witness for the defense told of Brian David Mitchell’s plans to get her pregnant.

Mitchell abducted Smart when she was only 14 years old, way back on June fifth, 2002 from her home in Salt Lake City.

The crazy man broke into her home, kidnapped her from her bedroom at knife point, took her up into the hills and proceeded to rape her.

She says that during the nine months she spent with her kidnapper, he raped her almost every day.

Testifying for the defense, the witness stated that the 57 year old street preacher told Smart of his plans to impregnate her and the two even discussed baby names.

Mitchell held her captive for nine months, with the intent of forcing her to act as his wife.

His estranged wife is already in jail for her role in the crime, after pleing to a deal with prosecutors.

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