Up to 600 IUs of vitamin D for good health

New guidelines indicate that Americans should be trying to include a little more vitamin D in their daily lives.

In a report to be released today by the Institute of Medicine, they stress the importance of vitamin D to keep your bones nice and strong, but also say that too much can be dangerous.

The average healthy child or adult, should be getting up to 600 international units of vitamin D a day to maintain health, and for seniors this goes up to 800 IUs.

This directly contradicts studies that suggest that up to 2000 IUs of vitamin D a day is necessary to fend off cancer.

Researchers state that in many cases, higher levels of vitamin D in the body can protect humans from various types of cancer, including colon cancer.

Back in the 90′s the Institute of Medicine recommended between 200 and 600 IUs a day to maintain good health, depending on age of course.

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