Terry Pegula interested in buying the Sabres?

It is being rumored that a billionaire by the name of Terry Pegula is interested in purchasing the Buffalo Sabres.

He has apparently already submitted a letter of intent to purchase the floundering club, and has offered current owner Tom Golisano $150 million.

According to minority owner Larry Quinn this is actually just a rumor and it is actually not true.

“Reports regarding the sale of the Buffalo Sabres tend to surface from time to time,” said minority owner Larry Quinn. “There have been several inquiries in the past few years regarding this subject. Our company policy is we do not comment on them because people make inquiries all the time. Some of these inquiries are serious, some are not, some make the media and others do not. The report that a $150 million letter of intent has been signed is simply not true.”

If Pegula was to buy the club, would he move them out of the small Buffalo market?

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