Bear gall bladder uses dominating Google search

One of the hottest search phrases on the internet over the last few days has been ‘Bear Gall Bladder Uses.’

The act of poaching bears is illegal so it is a mystery why this actual search phrase is getting so much love.

Bear gall bladders are very, very valuable in the country of China and are used in part, in ancient Chinese medicine.

Poachers can charge between 400 and 600 dollars for a bear gall bladder, because the bial inside them is said to be a wonder drug of sorts.

“There’s a hot black market for black bears,” Chinese officials say. “Like the drug trade, this business spawns a seamy underside of big money, international smuggling and murder. But unlike the drug trade, the illegal goods in this operation travel from west to east.”

In traditional medicine there is no evidence that suggests that this bial found inside the gall bladders of bears offers any medicinal benefits.

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