Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat the Trojans

It was nine years in the making but finally the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have defeated the USC Trojans.

They came away with a tough faught 20-16 victory inside the Coliseum but were very close to winning it in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter.

Backup QB Mitch Mustain, drove his team down the field, but threw a pick at the goal line to ceal the win for the Irish.

“That was a tough locker room,” USC coach Kiffin said on his way out of the stadium. “We had a chance to send off the seniors having never lost to Notre Dame.

“We have another game, so we just have to go back to work.”

Both teams now have records of 7-5, but not long ago USC were looking for a 10 win season, but this will not be happening now.

As for the Irish this is their third win in a row, and they appear set for a trip to a Bowl game.

“When required, we came up with a big drive and a big stop in the fourth quarter,” Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly said. “We brought the fight back in the Fighting Irish.”

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