Reduce Carbs To Keep Weight Off

Just in time for Thanksgiving is a new study that suggests a diet high in protein and lower in carbohydrates maybe the way to go for weight loss.

At this time of the year, Americans tend to throw their diets out the window, taking advantage of Thanksgiving goodness in the form of piles of stuffing and potatoes.

The new study focused on formerly obese people who had managed to lose a lot of weight and their subsequent ability to keep the weight off after losing it.

In the study which is published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine researchers from Denmark say loading up on protein while skimping out on the carbs is the way to keep weight off after you’ve worked so hard to lose it.

They came to this conclusion after analyzing 773 overweight and obese adults who had all lost a significant amount of weight, putting them on one of five diets to determine which one was best at keeping weight off.

Dieters could eat as much food as they wanted as long as they stuck to their assigned protein/fat/carb ratios and the low carb high protein group was shown to hold their weight the most, even losing a little more.

This translates into a diet of lean meat, poultry and beans, with reduced carb intake from eating foods such as pasta, breads, potatoes and similar starchy foods.

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