TSA Agents Spill Urine Over Bladder Cancer Survivor

Another day, another horror story involving the TSA and their enhanced pat-down procedure.

Last week we heard of a breast cancer survivor forced to show her prosthetic breast to a TSA agent and now a bladder cancer survivor had his own urine pour all over him because of the agressive pat-down he received at a Detroit airport.

Tom Sawyer, 61, was heading to Orlando on November seventh when he was subjected to the pat-down, resulting in the agent hitting the bag that collects his urine and it spilling all over his clothes.

He says that he tried to explain his situation to the TSA agents, but they would not listen to him.

“I was absolutely humiliated. I couldn’t even speak,” he told MSNBC.com, adding that he was brought to tears.

He added that he had no time to change his clothes, so was forced to board the plane with his clothes soaked in urine.

“I was embarrassed to death,” he told the Detroit Free Press.

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