Google Interested In Miramax films

It is being reported that Google are in talks with Filmyard Holdings and hope to be granted access to the digital rights to hundreds of Miramax films.

If such a deal was reached, Google would bring digital movie streaming to YouTube, offering internet users yet another reason to log on to the popular video uploading website.

Of course for a deal to work both sides must benefit and it is not known what Google would put up for its side of the deal.

This past summer, Walt Disney Co sold Miramax to Filmyard Holdings for 660 million bucks, definitely far from simply pocket change.

Google are competing with rival Netflix, who have also shown a lot of interest in the digital library from Filmyard Holdings.

A Google spokesman told the Post: “We’re always talking to the studios about different things and Disney remains a valuable YouTube partner. Outside of that, we don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

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