Will John Cena Be Fired From The WWE?

When of the most recognizable names in professional wrestling has been given his marching papers.

John Cena has been fired from the WWE, and fans are flocking to Twitter to post their disapproval.

Cena’s future depended on the outcome of the championship match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett at last night’s WWE Survivor Series.

With Orton’s victory, Cena will surely be fired, maybe even on live television during Monday Night Raw.

“WWE Won’t Be The Same Without John Cena, He Is The Man And He Will Be Missed, Best Of Luck To U John On Whatever It Is U Decide To Do Now!!!” A fan tweeted.

Aman-gelda tweets, “In survivour series wade barett lost against randy orton and in dat case john cena ws fired.bt i know dat he will return soon ? Wat say guys,” while gamingdude1 tweets, “I hope that the Raw GM says that John Cena is not fired from the WWE.”

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