The Latest On 9/11 Workers’ Settlement With New York City

911_new_york_settlementSeattle (ChatterShmatter) – There were many people who were harmed by the September 11th attacks in many different ways, but the workers at ground zero back in 2001 are going to finally receive something to ease the pain of the health issues they have faced since then.

New York City was served with a lawsuit by roughly 10,000 firefighters, police officers, as well as other city workers in relation to the health issues they have suffered due to working ground zero during and after 9/11.<!–more–>

These workers were a large part of the clean-up, the rescue efforts, etc.

The issue is that since they were at ground zero during that time, they inhaled many toxic chemicals and suffered a variety of health issues, injuries, etc.

The 9/11 workers have agreed to a settlement with the city of New York worth over $625 million, as only 500 or so of the 10,000 who were part of the lawsuit rejected the settlement.

Settlement payments are going to vary depending on just how much each person was impacted by the 9/11 incident both physically and emotionally.

Payments range from around $3,000 all the way up to $1 million for those whose health turned sour due to the toxic chemicals they were exposed to.

Reports state that both New York City and the plaintiffs are very happy with how this all turned out in the long-run.

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