Rihanna Goes Naked During Haircuts

Rihanna has stated that no matter how much money she was offered she would never strip naked and pose for Playboy.

Many men would probably love to see the beautiful singer in the buff, but according to Rihanna, who has all the money she could possibly want anyway, a Playboy spread is not in her future.

“I got a few offers to do Playboy, actually,” Rihanna told host Angie Martinez during a Hot 97 radio interview Wednesday. “They want to pay [me] to be naked on the cover.”

She may not like the idea of stripping for Playboy, but the 22 year old says that when it comes to a haircut, she loves being naked.

“I hate when hair is on me,” she told Martinez. “It pricks me and gets on my clothes and stay there forever, so I just prefer to take my clothes off [during the haircut].”

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