Rapper Lil Wayne Is A Free Man After 8-Months In Jail

lil_wayne_jailBoston (ChatterShmatter) – Rapper Lil Wayne is a free man yet again after serving 8-months in jail.

The rap star was locked up in prison for a period of 8-months due to a gun case.  The case revolved around a loaded gun that was found in his tour bus back in 2007.

The rapper pleaded guilty to attempted weapon possession following a concert in Manhattan, New York.

He was put in jail back in March but was able to leave for periods of time.  The sentence was originally supposed to be 1-year.

Lil Wayne has been receiving a lot of support recently from some very high-profile figured, including President Barack Obama, who confirmed Lil Wayne is on his iPod.

The rapper released a new album a month ago while in jail, I Am Not A Human Being.  The album shot to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart a month ago and has been very successful.

The hope is that now that he is out of jail, he will be able to live a good clean and successful life.  The rap community will certainly be happy to have Lil Wayne back.

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