West Nile Virus Continues To Sweep Across New York City

west_nile_nycNew York (ChatterShmatter) – The West Nile virus season is here in the big city, as the potentially deadly virus has arrived, and is sweeping through New York City.

Health officials in New York City have confirmed 3 cases of West Nile virus, with two women and a man being hospitalized due to the virus.

The two women were both from Staten Island, while the man was from Bronx.

Out of the 3 sickened by West Nile, two of them were over the age of 60-years-old, with the third being only 46-years-old.

The virus is most potent when it infects young children, as well as elderly and people with weak immune systems.

These make up the first 3 cases of West Nile virus for New York City this season, with more to come.

The New York City health department is stressing that people need to use bug spray and wear long clothing when outdoors to help stay protected.

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