Will You Even Watch American Idol With The New Judges?

idol_judges_ratingsWashington (ChatterShmatter) – It is well known now that American Idol is getting all new judges with the exception of Mr. Randy Jackson, but the bigger question is, will you even watch it once they arrive?

American Idol has and always will be a show that showcases its judges, with Simon Cowell being the highlighted of the show for years and years.

The show took a minor hit with the loss of Paula Abdul, but managed to plug in Kara Dioguardi successfully to fill that gap.

This past season though the show took another hit adding in Ellen DeGeneres, resulting in the a lower rated season of American Idol than anyone expected.

So now with Simon Cowell gone, Ellen DeGeneres gone, and Kara Dioguardi fired, will you even watch the show?

That is the bigger question here, as American Idol is not only going to introduce all new faces in the form of singers, but also a whole new panel of judges.  Lets face it, I doubt many people tune in to see Randy Jackson.

American Idol judges-to-be are rumored to be Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, even Howard Stern’s name has been thrown out there.

No matter what producers of American Idol do, their new line-up of judges better start off the season strong, or else the series could have a hard time retaining viewers in the seasons to come.

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