Bachelorette Finale Prediction, We Have Ali Figured Out

bachelorette_ali_finaleHollywood (ChatterShmatter) – It is that time again, it is the night of The Bachelorette finale, and Ali Fedotowsky has a major decision to make as she has to decide whom she wants to marry, if any of them.

Ali has two choices to make here when the finale of The Bachelorette hits the air on ABC at 8/7c.  She can either choose Roberto, or go with Chris L.

It appears that, from a popularity standpoint from the viewing audience, the popular choice is to go with Chris L.

Many perceive him as the more honest guy between the two, and the one whom would likely be more suitable for Ali and her personality / tastes.

History has shown though in the series that the popular choice is not always made, hence the Jake choosing Vienna decision that was made not too long ago on The Bachelor last season.

Roberto has had an amazing relationship with Ali, especially in regards to his sexual appeal towards her.  There still appears to be something missing between the two though that does not feel natural.

Chris L is the opposite, as they have a very natural relationship that started as a friendship more than a romantic relationship at the start of the season.  Their relationship has expanded since and they appear to be made for each other in many ways.

Previews seem to be leading us to believe that Ali will pick no one, with rumors stating she is even dating NFL quarterback Matt Leinart now.

We seem to believe we have it figured out though, which is why we are picking that Ali becomes either engaged, or chooses Chris L in some capacity by the end of the night.

Let the fun on The Bachelorette begin!

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