Did Mel Gibson Go As Far As To Beat His Baby Too?

mel_gibson_babyBoston (ChatterShmatter) – If you have heard the four tapes of Mel Gibson’s rant/temper tanrums, then you are probably already thinking that he is insane, this may prove your thoughts to be correct. The latest accusations against Gibson have him hitting and bruisng his little baby.

The latest and most unbelievable news is that he hit his 2 month old daughter Lucia, and Oksana Grigorieva. her mother. has pictures to prove it. 

We all know that children fall all the time and get bumps and bruises which may help Gibson in this custody battle, the photos may not be enough evidence to prove her father hit her.

The photo was allegedly taken on January 6, 2010, which was the same day that Mel allegedly punched Mom-Oksana’s and knocked out her teeth.

Although when you listen to the tapes you can hear that Mel pretty much admits to hitting Oksana, when he says “she f*cking deserved it”. Which may also mean that he was capable of hitting his 2 month old too.


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