Modern College Kids Are Narcissistic, Show Little Empathy

college_kids_empathyBoston (ChatterShmatter) – According to a new study, the college kids of today are very narcissistic and show little to no empathy towards others in the way in which they act.

This comes out of a new study that analyzed a total of 72 research studies that spanned from the late 1970s to today.

The whole point of the study is to compare the college kids of 30-years-ago to today and see the differences in place in regards to their personality traits.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, and their findings are startling.

The kids of today are believed to be a part of Generation Me, and they have showcased that in this study.

They have found that college kids today show little to no empathy to others, they do not show emotions as much, they do not care for others as much, etc.

Overall, the college kids of today are far more narcissistic and self-centered when compared to college kids 30-years ago.

Some idea in regards to why this is the case revolve mainly around the current media of today, social-networking sites, etc.

This very interesting study will likely lead to far more research into what is causing these college kids to act in this manner.

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