American Idol’s Didi Rumored To Be Hooking Up With Ryan Seacrest

didi_american_idol_seacrestBoston (ChatterShmatter) – Word is spreading that there are sparks flying between Ryan Seacrest and Didi Benami, on American Idol season 10.

Ryan Seacrest has always been one to be in the middle of the tabloids when it comes to relationships, and this is no different.

The rumors spreading are that these two truly have a relationship not only on American Idol, but after the show behind the scenes, think The Bachelor’s romance, only a little more personal.

Whether or not this is true is still way up in the air, but the rumors are certainly there and the actions of these two during the show are not helping the situation any.

If you visit the fansite of Didi Benami, this will be one of the biggest topics on the discussion boards.

Body Language is the big factor in this blooming romance, but we can’t tell which of the two is giving off the hottest vibes. There is a lot of touching going on between these two, and it is certainly leading to some serious attention from all.

The general consensus among viewers who have noticed is that is more of a female thing than a male thing.

Is it just Ryan’s bubbly personality or is there some real action taking place on and off the American Idol stage.

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